About Chittragupta

Our Goal with Chittragupta is to provide a Simple, Easy, Efficient, and Fast Billing. It provides a vast variety of services for the clients. In Chittragupta, you can load as many products as you want, and products can be added or removed at any time you want. The design is in such a way that it is easy to use and also has a responsive factor which makes it easily accessible on tablets, mobiles, laptops and desktops. It does all the hard work for you. This way you can get everything at one place. It has more features than an ordinary billing system, and contains additional add-ons.

Chittragupta - Complete Billing & Client Support Software is a web based complete Billing & Client Support Solution Software. Chittragupta not only allows users to place ordersbut also provides a complete billing and support platform, which means that you can place orders and generate your bills. It provides a wide variety of features apart from billing. It has facilities’ for you to contact your customers & maintain your relationship with them too. It provides the ability to analyze the statistics of clients, order and paid/unpaid invoices. It also records the history of activities performed by a client or admin. All this can be done with a click. Additionally, it has an extension that can be installed to enhance existing features and add new features in Chittragupta.

Who are we?

Invoice Management System

DeGoTech is a company founded by an amateur coder named Dewang Goyal, who is currently a high school student. Since the beginning, Dewang has been tech savvy, and started to code from an early age.

Soon after receiving an RHCE certification from RedHat, Dewang starting working on multiple projects, and in a few years, with help from his colleagues and certain individuals, successfully developed 3 high-end software. The 3 products are Garuda – the intelligent mailer, Chittragupta – an online bill and invoice generator, and Magnet – a coupon software; all of these are internationally acclaimed software, and have received great reviews from customers.

DeGoTech continues to improve its products, and plans to introduce new products in the future.

What do we do?

Billing Software Solutions

Web Development

We know what separates design formats. It is that designs are meant to be responsive in nature.

We know the difficulties in engaging the Internet user with your website. For this reason, we provide professional web designing services and solutions all over the globe for the private and public sector, from newly started businesses to multinational corporations.
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Web Design

With the beginning of the web generation, today Internet has facilitated us to use applications without the uncertainties of allocation and installation on prospective clients’ computers. We help your customers and vendors to accomplish the business with you, using personalized web application software development tools developed to fulfill the company needs.
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