Learn More About Chittragupta

What is Chittragupta

Chittragupta is intelligent and highly advanced Billing Software, designed in such a way to reduce your workload and savetime. Chittragupta can do all the hard work for you. Business organizationsusethis software to sell their products and manage their sold products’ complete billing cycle. Billing softwares are sophisticated and hard to understand or use, but in Chittragupta we have specially kept this thing in mind that the software should be user friendly and easy to use, which makes it a prominent billing software. With Chittragupta you can manage your client/sandmonitor their activity. It also has many options for manager or admin user to communicate with its customers.

Billing is a process of sending an invoice(bill) to a customer for goods of services. Chittragupta helps to send that bill to your customer electronically which is also known as E-billing (Electronic Billing).

Chittragupta is the latest software that has been developed by DeGoTech. DeGoTech developed the software in such a way that a large number of clients can be managed including their data, order, invoices and activity over the site. Andit has also provided the same facility for you and your co-workers.Additionally, Chittragupta users have been bound to access permission. This application aims to sell as many products as you want to various targeted individuals at once. To know more interesting things about Chittragupta, use its user guide.

Advantages of Using 'Chittragupta'

1. Easy to Install

2. Supported on all servers

3. Allows billing in multiple currencies

4. Proper validation for forms, which removes the possibility of faking.

5. Mass mailing to customers/clients of Chittragupta

6. Provides multiple additional extensions

7. Built in spam checking to reduce junk traffic or data on your site

8. Easy searching/sorting of data in table

9. Advance HTML editor with rich format features